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It has started again. They're doing it on the sidewalks! You will find lots of Sidewalk diners at our popular District cafes. This view on "B" Street is typical of the noon time gatherings. A great way to take a break from the office.

Avanyu Southwest Art has become one of the Historic Districts destination shopping experiences. Established in 1992 Avanyu is nationally known for the high quality Native-American Jewelry, Pottery, Art and Home Decor items offered to the discerning shopper. Our new Leather Outerwear Collection is widely accepted as the best in Southern Colorado. Our many one of a kind offerings give the store a virtual museum quality.

We decided to show the interesting and diverse culture of our Historic Pueblo Community, and, the varied Shops and Cafes of the Historic Union Ave. District. This storied District has over 150 years of History. Boom and Bust, Flood and Recession could not hold down the area. Now enjoying restoration and Revival, the District has become a shopping destination for all of Southern Colorado.

We will be adding to this website examples of our collection of unique products so we can pay the bills. In addition we plan to feature many of Pueblo's Historic homes, Business buildings and Parks. This effort will take time to develop. We urge you to return often to see our latest additions.BRAND NEW! Click on the History of the Union Depot!

NOTE; Our "Historic District" program is a Java application with fast downloads and your mouse can freeze any frame for longer viewing by placing your cursor on any image. We are experiencing timing problems with the "Historic District" Slide show. Normal running time for "Historic District" is 3-5 minutes depending on server speeds and network traffic. If a frame appears to freeze, it probably hasn't. It can take 30 to 60 seconds to change when traffic is heavy. Allow about 10 minutes for the first run.

Planning a visit to Pueblo? For any information, maps, product information, tips on Best Restaurants, Motels etc. e-mail us at this site,avanyu@historicpueblo.comor platero@earthlink.net . Visit our up-scale store, Avanyu Southwest Art, 313 So. Union Ave., Pueblo, Co. 81003. Hours are 10 A.M. -5 P.M. Monday thru Saturday. Our phone No. 719-543-8112.

We are still building this new site and try to add to it daily. Please return often to view our progress in showcasing Pueblo's Historic Culture, Shops and sites.

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